Getting Started:

The photograph of your animal is crucial to the success of your commissioned pet portrait. I work directly with photographs reproducing the exact image into my collage style. To get started you can send me photos either through email, my contact page, or postal. Digital images typically need to have high resolution. The photographs should be well-lit and in-focus.

After we have agreed upon the photograph, canvas size and delivery schedule, I will email you a commission agreement stating what is being created for you, the turnaround time and payment terms. Once I have received the signed agreement and a 50% deposit, I will confirm your entry onto my wait list. A commissioned collage takes 3 to 6 months to complete depending on the size and complexity of the image. I recommend that you plan ahead with this knowledge in mind.

To ensure the highest quality of work and client satisfaction, the process cannot be rushed. Special scheduling accommodations can be made upon request. I look forward to seeing photos of your dog and working with you to design a special gift to enjoy for a lifetime.

For additional information: